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            Monthly Archives: March 2015

            The Press Secretariat would like to inform the public that the amount of $40,000.00 publicised as financial assistance for Samoa Touch Rugby was incorrect. Please be advised that the correct amount, as approved by Cabinet, is $20,000.00 for Samoa Touch Rugby’s campaign for the 2015 Federation of International Touch Rugby World Cup. The error is regretted.

            Following the advice from the Fund that it proposed to lower the entitlement level from 50% of total contributions to 45% in the hopes of reducing member loans whilst increasing member’s savings for retirement, a lot of the feed-back received indicated that our members and the general public did not feel that sufficient time had been given to them to prepare for this change.

            “This is a huge milestone not only for Samoa but for our Pacific Islands men and women who are educated and have the opportunity to gain Australian standards, skills and qualifications, giving them a very wide benefit of education and careers in the Pacific,” said the Prime Minister.

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