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            Monthly Archives: March 2020

            GOVT. PRESS SECRETARIAT; “Cabinet is empowered to make Regulations, Rules or Orders for the implementation of the public sector duties and responsibilities, for maintaining safety, for the best interests of and the welfare of the country.” This is one of the three new amendments mandated by the revised State of Emergency Orders signed into law […]

            (OSIFA OLE SO’OUPU O LE MALO); E tolu teuteuga faaopopo o le Poloaiga o Faalavelave Fa’afuasei mo le Koviti 19 (Coronavirus) ua faatulafonoina e le Ao Mamalu ole Malo, le Tuimaleali’ifano Va’aletoa Sualauvi II ile afiafi nei. O nei teuteuga ole Poloaiga ua faamaonia I luga ole fautuaga ale Kapeneta FK (20) Faapitoa 10, ma […]

            World Bank?provides US$5.1m for Samoa COVID-19 response Funds will bolster the government’s financial capacity to support COVID-19 preparedness and response efforts SYDNEY, March 26, 2020 — The World Bank has delivered US$5.1 million in immediate funding to support Samoa’s response to the global COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. The funds will support Samoa’s efforts to prepare and […]

            (MFAT); The Government has and continues to be in close consultations with all the sponsor partners of the different scholarships programs available to the students of Samoa in view of the current COVID-19 situation taking into account students’ safety and security as well as options provided with regard to their study programs. The students who […]

            The Australian Government is committed to helping Pacific Island countries respond to COVID-19, where cases emerge in the region. There has never been a more important time for Australia to stand with our Pacific family. This goes to the heart of Australia’s Pacific Step-up – working together to keep our people healthy and safe in […]