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            The Government

            The National Government of the Independent State of Samoa is made up of three branches.

            • Legislature

              The Legislative branch is Parliament, comprised of the Head of State and the Legislative Assembly.? Laws are enacted when Bills are passed by the Legislative Assembly, assented to by the Head of State and published in the Samoa Gazette (official Government newspaper, now known as the Savali Newspaper).? The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly is the chief presiding officer of Parliament.

            • Executive

              Comprised of the Head of State and the Executive Government – of which the Prime Minister is head, supported by Cabinet Ministers.? The Executive Government is responsible for the day-to-day management of the State, including the enforcement of the laws of Samoa.

            • Judiciary

              The Judiciary interprets the law, ensures that the rule of law prevails and is the guardian of the Constitution as the supreme law of Samoa.? The Chief Justice is the judicial and administrative head of the Judiciary.